Last day of kenai river king salmon 7/31/18

Well the last day has come and gone a season of highs and lows for sure.. we scratched out a few nice kings today with the high light being a beautiful 40×30 hen. Brian fished hard and put in his time for this beautiful fish of a life time..

adminLast day of kenai river king salmon 7/31/18

Kasilof river king salmon 7/30/18

The Kasilof river had a very little pressure today with just a few boats taking part in the last Monday of King salmon season. The water was as high as I’ve ever fished it and and a bit cloudy, we fished hard starting in the dark and did manage a few hook ups!! We netted and released a beautiful king salmon around 20 pounds!

adminKasilof river king salmon 7/30/18

Silvers, pinks and kings on the Kenai. 7/28/18

On the last Saturday of the kenai king salmon season fishing for kings was slow.. we should be at the peak of our season with limits the norm but that’s not the case this year thanks adfg. We did have nice bright side with serval fat silvers hitting the net and tons of pinks. Action is near never ending with multiple doubles and a triple.

adminSilvers, pinks and kings on the Kenai. 7/28/18

Great Day on the Kenai river. 7/27/18

Had a awesome day fishing on the kenai river, I had a great family from Colorado on the their first fishing trip to Alaska! We started out chasing kings and it was a a bit of a grind, we saw only a hand full of kings hooked up in the first couple hours. I decided to changed it up and let Cody and MO fight some fish we where on the hunt for pink salmon! MO fought and landed her first fish whoop whoop! After quite a few fish on and off Cody hooked a rather large king that ran off 75 feet of line thrashing on top the water before throwing the hook.. Darn!! MO asked if we could go back to the spot we caught all the fish, so down river we went! With about 35 minutes to go In our day Mrs McDonald hit pay dirt with a beautiful kenai river king salmon on ultra light gear. A great time was had by all!

adminGreat Day on the Kenai river. 7/27/18

Some days your the Bug, other days your the windshield on the kenai river. 7/26/18

Man the day started of with a bang! First 5 minutes we hang a beautiful mid 30 pound king and I thought I was picking up right where we finished yesterday! But the kenai can humble even the most confident anglers. Over the next 7 hours we managed to land and box a nice sockeye and release about a half dozen tide water pinks. We lost a few other fish including at least one dandy silver that I would have loved filet.. maybe tomorrow!

adminSome days your the Bug, other days your the windshield on the kenai river. 7/26/18

Kenai river kings! A lots of them 7/25/18

Well today started off strong and finished just as strong.. our first pass had us hooking up 4 times in less then a half hour, with one monster that pulled about 200 feet strait up river before turning and throwing the hook! Dang!!! We continued with solid hook ups through out the morning. About lunch time we hit a little lull, we decided to changed our gear a little bit and moved down to tide water, what a great decision. We landed 3 more sea lice fresh Kings and a half dozen ocean bright pink salmon and to go with them. All in all a fantastic day with 20+ take downs. Great kenai River action..

adminKenai river kings! A lots of them 7/25/18

Kenai river king salmon and RAIN!! 7/24/18

Well Super Tuesday was super Wet! But king fishing was decent with 8 hook ups today and some nice kings landed!q

adminKenai river king salmon and RAIN!! 7/24/18

Kenai river sockeye salmon 7/22/18

Fishing was a little spotty but solid ended up with 11 for the box before my folks from Colorado threw in the towel. We hooked 24 or so but couldn’t keep them hooked. That’s why it’s called fishing and not catching. :). All and all a great day with nicer weather.

adminKenai river sockeye salmon 7/22/18