Little more coastal chrome

Just about to wrap up my coastal steelhead season after this last storm it’s time stay a little closer to home. But here’s a few from before the storm

adminLittle more coastal chrome

Coastal winter steel 2/5/19

We are still goin strong on coastal winter steelhead! Water conditions are just right for my style of fishing and the weather is playin out perfect! I love low cold water tactics on slow moving fish. Come hang out and get your steelhead fix while taking in the beautiful scenery.

adminCoastal winter steel 2/5/19


Another cold morning on the coastal river. With a single angler on boArd today we worked hard early with only a couple bites but nothing stuck. About 11am as the sun reached the water and temps Kenny hit pay dirt.



What a cold beautiful day, water temperatures around 37 degrees today these coastal winter steelhead didn’t want to move far. But I was able to put Denny’s Bait right in front of this dimmer


Mid September coastal kings 9/25/18

Been fishing coastal king for going on two weeks. Fishing had been nothing short of fantastic nearly every day… beautiful weather with timely rain storms has been fishing hard to beat!

adminMid September coastal kings 9/25/18

B/10 king salmon 8/10-8/11

King fishing is getting better each day with numerous fish hooked each day fresh hole Bait seams to be whats getting bit right now. I still have some seats open later this month and fishing will only get better

adminB/10 king salmon 8/10-8/11

Astoria B-10 king salmon 8/2/18

The season opened August 1st with what sounds like pretty solid fishing! I’ll be joining the party early this next week.. I’ll be looking forward to spinning some anchovies and herring using my North Fork Custom Rods, Short Bus Flashers And Trinidad Tackle anchovy helmets.. I generally focus most my effort inside the Columbia river.

These are the dates and seats I have available at this time through September. These are always changing how ever.. please call me for details


Updated b-10 dates

August 10th. 2 seats

August 15th 6 seats

August 16th. 3 seats

August 28th. 3 seats

August 29th 6 seats

August 30th. 3 seats

Sept 1st 4 seats

Sept. 2st. 6 seats

Columbia river/ cowlitz.

What ever is fishing Best expecting large amounts of kings this year on cowlitz

Sept 4th through 14 is also open at this time .

adminAstoria B-10 king salmon 8/2/18